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There has not been deliberate examination or research about the certain parts of Kollur Sri Mookambika. So no unobtrusive components are open in such way. Regardless, there are an impressive proportion of records to show the ancientness and chronicled criticalness of this temple. History of the temple begins with the landing of sage Shankaracharya at this place in eighth century A.D. We are blessed to have Hotel Mahalakshmi Residency Right Next to the Mookambika Temple in Kollur.

Genuinely it is believed that this place was involved by Shakthas called Kaulas and that was the methods by which this place came to be called as Kollur Mukambika . Honneyakambali Kings of Hosangadi have been overseeing Kollur and they were energetic fanatics of Kollur Sri Mookambika. Venkanna Savantha of this dynasty amassed the stone structure of the temple in eleventh century A.D. Chieftains of Barkur were also aficionados of Kollur Mookambika Devi and they made an extensive proportion of presents for the temple.

In the midst of the standard of King Virupaksha of Vijayanagar, Pandarideva was his savantha at Barkur and at his time Mookambika temple ended up being amazingly notable. Kollur Mukambika was the supporter goddess of Keladi Kings. A craftsman named Linganna Kavi had formed a book titled ‘Keladi Nrupa Vijaya’ in 1750 A.D and this book contains a significant proportion of references to Kollur Mukambika Temple. It is believed that the prominent palm assessed emerald was gifted by queen Chennammaji of Keladi dynasty.

Keladi Venkatappa Nayak ordained special poojas and festivities at the temple and composed that his subjects should often love Mookambika. Keladi Veerabhadra Nayaka had named his significant other as Kollurammaji. These kings gave huge tracts of land to the temple and made diversion arrangements for various festivals at the temple. Saint Vadiraja of Udupi had visited Kollur Sri Mookambika and formed slokas in her praise.

The Maharaja of Mysore and Travancore were admirers of Mookambika and they had acquainted profitable gold improvements with her. Jayachamarajendra Vodeyar of Mysore and Chithira Thirunal Maharaja of Travancore had visited the temple. Tippu Sultan of Mysore had visited this temple and a special ‘mangala arthi ( Deeparadhana)’ was driven at his command. That pooja is being continued even today and it is called ‘Salam Mangalarthi’ which seeks after the essential pooja in the midst of night session. There are adequate affirmations in the timberlands enveloping Kollur Mukambika to demonstratethat once upon a time this was a well built up place.